Fruits & Country of Origin 

(availability per season)

NOTE: We require our growers to be GLOBAL G.A.P. certified or equivalent in the world’s leading farm assurance programs.

Jack Fruit (Mexico)

Rambutan (Guatemala) 

Thai Banana (Mexico)

Green Cactus Pear (Mexico)

Chico Zapote (Guatemala)

Texas Orange Naval (USA)

Texas Grapefruit (USA)

Red Cactus Pear (Mexico)

Papaya Tynung (Mexico)

Papaya Marado (Mexico)

Hawaiian Banana (Guatemala)

Guava (Mexico)

Lime (Mexico)

Lemon (Mexico)

Pineapple (Mexico)

Chayote (Mexico)

Lychee (Mexico)

Longan (Florida, USA)

Passion Fruit (New Zealand)

Mangosteen (Guatemala)

Mango Ataulfo (Mexico)

Pink Guava (Florida, USA)

Round Mangoes (Mexico)

Achachairu (Guatemala)

Durian (Thailand)

Sopadilla (Guatemala)

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